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Clark Covington Launches Affordable SEO Servic

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  COLUMBIA, S.C., April 8, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- In the middle of a hot and often busy duplex in downtown Columbia, South Carolina Clark Covington just finished creating the ultimate search engine optimization company on the internet for small businesses. The 28-year-old internet entrepreneur is credited with creating over two dozen websites that offer similar services in an ala carte fashion. With over 600 clients worldwide, and a reputation for doing affordable high quality content and SEO services, the time had come to branch out to a full scale SEO company. Now for the first time, people can obtain the signature quality and affordability of a service built by Mr. Covington, without having to worry about anything when it comes to their optimization.

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· Click Here to Download Image "I wanted to offer people the luxury of having a hands off solution to helping optimize their website on the internet, without the twenty thousand dollar price tag," explains Founder Clark Covington in regards to his company''s newest venture. offers small business owners a way to have their website become more relevant in the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN in an honest and ethical way.

"My company has for years helped the large SEO operations with their backend content and marketing needs, it just seemed natural to take this experience and package it for the customer that is looking for an effective and affordable solution," explains Mr. Covington in regards to his new service.''s headquarters are located in Columbia, South Carolina. The initial goal of is to reach out to business through offline marketing that might not yet be aware of the power of SEO.

"I have lived here in South Carolina for over five years and have noticed that there are very slim pickings when it comes to local businesses being able to select a reliable SEO partner. is my invitation for them to come and let us help them have a site as optimized in the search engines as any other site in the nation would be," notes Clark Covington. offers affordable SEO packages starting at $997. Typically larger SEO companies will charge a hefty five-figure fee up front, and then a large fee will be levied monthly to sustain the SEO campaign. on the other hand offers affordable packages up front, and a four hundred dollar package for monthly sustainability, making it accessible to small businesses in need.

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